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At Main Street Soccer our goal is to teach fundamentals in a consistent and fun way to ensure your little one will fall in love with soccer.


We teach them shooting, dribbling, ball control, as well as tactical awareness and social skills through a variety of fun games and challenges in an INDOOR air-conditioned facility. We play games like Volcano Island (dribble around volcanos), Sharks and Minnows, Race Cars, Freeze Tag and many others where your future soccer star will get plenty of meaningful ball touches in addition to having a blast!

We aim to improve and increase our participants' social skills, communication skills, and their ability to follow verbal instructions from the coach.











Research shows that attending a soccer class (where the little ones can properly master the basics and understand rules of the game) is exponentially more beneficial than throwing them into a league where the expectations are unclear, emotions and tensions run high, and disappointments from letting your team down can be devastating to a child's psyche.

We believe in the positive and nurturing approach to each child. Since we have a variety of ages, levels, physical abilities, and backgrounds present at every session, we do our best to seamlessly merge this class into a fun, non-intimidating, learning experience for all participants.

We have been running this program for almost 10 years, we know exactly what works and what does not work with toddlers, and we are confident you and your toddler are going to love it.  For your peace of mind we offer a pro-rated refund if you feel there has been no improvement after the first 3 classes. The classes take place indoors every Saturday & Sunday at 11 am. You decide what days you want to attend our classes (Saturdays, Sundays, or both), there are no penalties for missing a class - you get 8 sessions which never expire! Also, you can jump in at any time as long as we have room for new participants.

Currently we still have limited spots available. Click below to register today!





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