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After school academy Next Level (starting Sep 18)

REGISTER FOR OUR ACADEMY HERE BY SELECTING ONE OR MORE PACKAGES ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE ☝️☝️☝️ READ BELOW FOR DETAILS.                                                                                                                               

At Main Street Indoor Soccer we are beyond excited to announce the return of our highly rated Indoor Soccer Camps & Academy "Next Level". We combined 9 years of our experience with the expertise of our proud partner, Stoke City FC (UK) and came up with a modern, rigorous, and fun curriculum similar to those used in professional European clubs for youth development. Your child's training will focus on the Big Four soccer domains, as they sometimes call those skill sets in England: DRIBBLING, PASSING, SHOOTING, & BALL CONTROL, and more! Young players will only use highly effective drills that guarantee to take their soccer game to the NEXT LEVEL! Our final component is a positive and safe environment for every player where they are encouraged to support one another, exhibit good sportsmanship, take risks, set goals, and take responsibility for their own progress. We are currently welcoming players ages 6-10 regardless of their current level.



      Indoor Soccer Academy 
Next Level Features:

   ⚽Mondays 4:15 pm and/or Wednesdays 5:30 pm plus evaluations (weekends)   
  ⚽Play with and receive a detailed progress report from a professional soccer player / elite coach, Ryan Gareis once a month on weekends (included). 
   ⚽ Pick your days (attend once a week or twice a week)

   ⚽centrally located indoor 5000+ sq.ft air-conditioned facility
   ⚽licensed coaches with extensive experience & clean background checks.
   ⚽ fun-packed yet rigorous training curriculum designed over last two                  
   summers with
Stoke City FC coaches & professional player, Ryan Gareis, focused on improving your child's game-winning skills.
   ⚽ positive environment with zero tolerance to bullying or negative behavior.
  ⚽guaranteed improvement in key areas: dribbling, passing, shooting, ball control, fitness/agility, and tactical awareness.
   ⚽ hundreds of meaningful ball touches in every training session
   ⚽ small coach/player ratio allowing for plenty of individual instruction
   ⚽ no rainouts or cancellations
   ⚽ flexible schedule (attend Mondays or Wednesdays or both)
   ⚽ appearances from professional/college players
   ⚽ discount on participation in winter leagues & camps - TBA
   ⚽ no rainouts or cancellations and playing actual soccer games every session. 

   - for quick answers and to register by phone call/ text 713.724.5161. 



Meet our newest coach - Chelsea Ford


We are excited to welcome our latest addition - 

Chelsea Ford of Australia. Chelsea is a life-long soccer player who was named in All Conference NJCAA 1st team. She was a captain of that team and also of her senior year team. Throughout her college soccer career she played center-mid for Bluefield College Virginia. 

Chelsea's expertise goes far beyond the soccer field - she graduated in 2020 with Bachelors degree in Exercise Sport Science with a concentration in Sports Management. 

Chelsea loves working with children and has been coaching young soccer players for several years. In her free time, she likes surfing, skating, diving, jet skiing, riding bikes, and spending time with family.

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